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For most churches we only have a few records (where this is the case, we have recorded how many records there are), for others there is quite a bit of information; new information is being added as we receive it.

Bellaghy First Presbyterian

Bellaghy Second Presbyterian (2 Marriages)

Castledawson Presbyterian (marriages complete from 1889 to 1932)

Churchtown Presbyterian (16 marriages; baptisms complete 1866 to 1868 & 1877 to 1890)

Culnady Presbyterian (complete marriages 1864 to 1936; baptisms complete 1855 to 1875 )

Curran Presbyterian (complete 1845 to 1857 with many marriages afterwards)

Draperstown Presbyterian (marriages & baptisms)

Garvagh First Presbyterian (marriages complete 1845-1889)

Garvagh Second Presbyterian (marriages, baptisms & burial records)

Garvagh Third Presbyterian (3 marriages; 9 baptisms)

Kilrea First Presbyterian

Kilrea Second Presbyterian

Knockloughrim Presbyterian (12 marriages)

Maghera Presbyterian (marriages complete 1845 to 1936; baptisms complete 1843 to 1878, with many afterwards; other records too)

Magherafelt First Presbyterian (3 marriages)

Magherafelt Second Presbyterian (3 marriages)

Moneymore First Presbyterian (17 marriages)

Moneymore Second Presbyterian (3 mariages)

Portglenone First Presbyterian Church (4 marriages)

Portglenone Second Presbyterian Church (2 marriages)

Portglenone Third Presbyterian Church (1 marriage)

Swatragh Presbyterian (marriages complete 1845 to 1935; baptisms complete 1851 to 1922)

Tobermore Presbyterian (marriages complete 1845 to 1919; many baptism extracts too)

Also, we have information gleaned from the Magherafelt Presbytery Marriage intent book. Basically, when you wanted to get married, one of the intended couple went to see the Minister who was appointed by Presbytery (under the auspices of the Registrar General) to issue marriage licences and some information on the couple was recorded in a large ledger book. Most marriages took place some days after the date recorded in the legder, but a few marriages did not take place at all!  This information is invaluable for placing people not only in certain townlands, but also identifying WHICH church they attended (and therefore, where further information might be found).

Magherafelt Presbytery M.I.B.  Marriage Intent Book (complete 1871 to 1874)

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